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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome To Cypress Creek Co Op
If you have questions after reading this FAQ, you can contact us at or on our Facebook group page.
Our store is located at -
6024 US Hwy 41, Apollo Beach, FL. 9am-6:30pm Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm Sunday. The inside corner of the mall, between the tattoo shop and the Korean Restaurant.

Q- How does this work?

A- Each week I go to wholesale markets, local farms, & various buyers and price out what fresh items will be included in the bin for the week.

Q- How do you choose what to put in the bin?

A- I try to buy local 1st based on what is in season. Most produce has a growing season and purchasing fruits/veggies in season at wholesale amounts can save you greatly.Not all produce is local. We do not have any apple orchards here in Florida..they grow in Washington & New York. Grapes grow better in California. I try to shoot for 5 veggies & 5 fruits every week, however some weeks may differ...more or less based on the types of items inside.

Q- How do I order?

A- Ordering happens right here on the website (you must create an account to order). You may order a bin or a la carte.
Every Sunday/Monday I post what will be included in the bin for the week....sometimes I may post as early as Saturday afternoon. There is a post with neighborhood information, bin contents, times & will also include a link to our website. You will have 2 options. Medium or Large. You should receive and email response after submitting your order. Please look in your spam folder, the responses tend to go there.
Ordering for walk up locations ends at 7pm the night before the pick up. Home delivery ends at noon the day of delivery. 
Q- How do I create an account?
A- On main page, click/press on menu button, 3 horizontal lines to the left of name. On menu screen scroll down to create account. Click/press create account. Fill out create account information and click/press green create button.

Q- How much are in each bin size?

A- A medium bin will feed a family of 4. A large bin will feed a family of 5-7. A large bin is NOT double every item. We double most items in a large, but not all items. Both bin sizes have the same kinds of items but not the same amounts.

Q- How much is a bin?

A- A medium bin $25. Large bin $35.

Q- What is the once a year fee?

A- There is a once a year fee at the beginning of the year or when you join the Co Op . The fee is $5. It goes towards bags, canopies, tables, supplies...etc.

Q- How do I get my produce home?

A- I have seen folks bring almost ANYTHING to bring home their produce. Bags, shoppers, laundry baskets, empty boxes...etc.

Q- Do I have to sign up every week?

A- Not at all! There is no commitment or contract or trial etc. Once you pay your $5 fee you are in. You order when you want to. When you need to.

Q- When and where are pick ups?

A - Apollo Beach Store - 6024 US Hwy 41, Apollo Beach, FL. Tuesday-Saturday 9am-6:30pm, Sunday 10am-6pm. Closed on Monday.

BAYCARE Valrico pick up is Saturday 10:30am to 12pm. 2470 Bloomingdale Ave., Valrico.
Delivery is offered in the following cities Tuesday -Sunday -  Ruskin, Sun City Center, Apollo Beach, Gibsonton, Riverview, Brandon, Lithia, and Valrico. There is a delivery fee. You will be invoiced separately from order. Delivery invoices are due by 3pm day of delivery.

If you have questions about pick up locations or home delivery you may contact us on the FaceBook group page or email at

Q- How do I get a pick up in my own neighborhood?

A- If there is enough interest for a pick up in a new location we would need folks interested in set up & distribution. If you would like more information on what that entails feel free to message me.

Q- What are add-ons, amish, seafood, milk, and meat?

A- Add ons, amish, seafood, milk, and meat are items that you can purchase in addition to your bin or a la carte. Sometimes I purchase items such as berries, melons, citrus, etc in addition to your bin. I post what the item is & price...then you can request the item in addition to your bin. You DO NOT have to purchase a bin to purchase add ons. Perhaps you don't want a bin for the week, but you would like to buy some add ons...feel free.

Q-How do I pay?

A- We accept cash, check, credit, and PayPal. Credit has a $2 fee. Pick up locations pay at pick up at this time.
Delivery orders are invoiced separately and must be paid by 3pm the day of delivery. Delivery address must be put on invoice when paying. There is a delivery fee for delivery orders.

Q- What if I cant pick up my bin after I signed up?

A- Things happen. Please try to find a family member or friend to pick up your bin for you. If you let me know that you had an emergency or something urgent came up and you are unable to pick up your bin at times we can accommodate you. We really need a 24 notice before pick up to cancel bins. However...if you purchase a to pick up..then its strike one. Strike 2 you are out of the Co Op...and I promise its a Co Op you want to be a part of. All of this produce is pre-purchased so when you don't pick up someone else is stuck with the bill if it isn't sold. So please...don't sign up if you cant pick up.

Q- If I can’t pick up my bin at the location I chose, can I pick it up later in the week at another location?

A- If you let us know more than 24 hours in advance, we can accommodate changing the pick up to another location. Less than 24 hours and your bin that you did not pick up will be donated and it will count as a strike.

Q- What happens if something is bad?

A- Produce is perishable & never perfect. We do not get the same luxury as big box retailers in getting to grade through foods to display the prettiest. Sometimes our peppers are distorted...are zucchini is gigantic...or your peaches are shaped funny. But it all tastes the same. However...sometimes we may get a bad lot. If this happens please message me and if you can..snag a picture. If there is a mass amount of folks with the same problem...sometimes I can get credit from the farmer/wholesaler. Not always. I try my very best to ensure that everything is awesome.

Q- What if there is something in the bin that I don't like?

First...we encourage you to branch out and try new things. That's one of the best parts of this Co Op. Trying new things for you and your family. Don't know how to prepare something? No worries...everyone in the group loves to trade ideas/recipes. Still don't want the item? Trade it out.
you do not have to purchase a bin to place an order.

Q- What is a "trade" and how do you make one?

When you pick up there are 2 pre made bins at the end of the line. You can take your item quantity and leave it in the bin & choose another item quantity from the bin.

Q- What about organic?

A- We are not carrying an organic bin at this time. We do sometimes have some organic items in the bin or available in the add ons.

Q- Can someone else pick up my bin?

A- Yes. However...YOU are responsible for letting them know if you had any "add ons"..."trades" or additional bins. If they came back with a regular bin and you made trades with someone..but forgot to let your person not be upset. IT is your responsibility.

Q- How can I help?

A- Interested in helping out? Want to earn a free bin? We need folks to help before and during pickup. The day before each pick up at 10am a post will go out in our Facebook group asking for volunteers. A volunteer shift is about 4 hours and you will receive a free medium bin for volunteering. You must still pre-order your bin.

Q- How do I "Refer a Friend"?
A- Go to our website at

Click/press little blue rewards ribbon in lower right hand corner. If you do not have an account, click/press join now. If you have an account, click/press sign in. After you have signed in or created an account, click/press the blue ribbon again. At the bottom of the little box, click/press refer your friends. Your referral link is in the white box. if you click/press the lower right corner of the referral link box, it will copy the link to your clipboard. Or you can highlight and right click to save link. Share link with your friends and family.

If your new to Co-op friend used your referral link when they ordered your referral account will be credited on Sunday with reward points.


Q- Why are Bread Items "Sold Out"?

A- Bread is available to add to orders until 11am on Tuesday. Bread ordering will reopen on Sunday when locations reopen for ordering.

Sold Out - Please Check Back Next Week!